Shiba Rescue Volunteer Questionnaire

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private: only make my information available to other rescuers
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What kinds of rescue experience do you have?  

I am an active Shiba Rescue volunteer. 

I have been involved in rescue, but not with Shibas.

I am a beginner.

Regardless of your experience level, please provide a name and email address of another Shiba Rescue volunteer as a reference.  If you don't know any Shiba Rescue volunteers yet, please simply indicate that.


Please fill out the areas that you are willing to assist Shiba Rescue:

I am willing to foster a Shiba until his/her placement.  

I cannot foster long term, but I could short-term foster (1 day - 2 weeks). (Short-term foster homes are wonderful to give other foster homes breaks for vacations, emergencies, etc.) 

I would like to know more about fostering, please contact me.

If you checked any of the above, please describe the foster home environment:

How many dogs do you currently own?      

What breeds/genders/ages are they?

Does your dog get along with other dogs?  

Do you have experience introducing unfamiliar adult dogs to each other?yes no

Do you have cats or other small animals?     If yes, are you comfortable introducing unfamiliar dogs to them?

Do you have children under the age of 5? under 10?

If yes, are you comfortable introducing unfamiliar dogs to them?

If necessary, can you separate a foster dog from your own animals? from your kids?

Are you familiar with positive obedience training techniques?


I am willing to evaluate potential rescue homes (PRHs).

I am willing to drive  to a PRH for a home visit.

 I am willing to email or telephone PRHs to establish contact and provide breed education about Shibas .


I am willing to evaluate Shibas in need.

I can identify a dog as a Shiba in a local shelter.

I can meet and take digital pictures of Shibas in local shelters to share with list members.

I can go to someone's home to meet and take pictures of a Shiba being surrendered to rescue.

I feel comfortable temperament testing a Shiba.


I am willing to help transport a Shiba in need.

I am willing to drive .

I can carry  crates in my vehicle. 

Other ways that I can assist Shiba Rescue:

I can act as a regional coordinator (helping organize rescue efforts in my area--city, state, region)

I can donate time at a regional adoption booth (sharing breed information to potential adopters, helping foster homes show foster dogs, etc).

I can help coordinate fundraising efforts in my area (annual Shiba picnics and auctions, locating Shiba merchandise for donation, walkathons, raffles, etc).

I have other talents I would be willing to donate to Shiba Rescue (legal advice, accounting help, marketing experience, obedience/agility/therapy dog demonstrations with Shibas at events, web page creation/updating, art background, proofreading, making business cards/pamphlets, etc).

My business can donate services or goods for an event or auction: catering, gift certificates, meeting rooms, etc.

I have gently used items for donation: crates, leashes, collars, dog beds, food/water bowls, etc.

I cannot volunteer at this time, but I would like to make a donation to help Shibas in need.

General comments about my situation: